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Tilka Paljk

Zambian Swimmer
2020 Olympian

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Brief Description  

Who is Tilka

Tilka Paljk, age 24, is a Zambian swimmer that has been selected to represent Zambia at the 2020/1 Olympics in Japan. She has been to numerous international events and has flown the Zambian flag high. Get to know Tilka more via her social media: 
Instagram: @tilka_paljk
Facebook: Tilka Paljk
Twitter: @tilkapaljk


How Tilka gives back.

Her love for her community.

"I believe that giving back to my community is one of the most important aspects of my career. There is no better feeling than to be able to support the people that have supported me and to be able to give back where I can."

- Tilka Paljk

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Helping the underprivileged

Motivational talks with the underprivileged children in Zambia at the Olympic youth development center.